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Erika Kari McCarthy is an observer, obsessor, and creator of bodies. She received her BFA in Studio Fine Arts with a minor in psychology at Rochester Institute of Technology, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and has been awarded as an Outstanding Scholar. 


Her work is driven by material exploration, scientific inquiry, and the repetition of rituals and compulsions; she aims to create immersive spaces and altered environments through the physical presence of her work. Erika currently lives and works as a nomad in no specific geographic location.


Sculpture creates physical objects, subject to the same rules of vulnerability as our own earth-bound bodies, carrying the potential to be altered or destroyed. Through sculpture, I work toward the solidification of the deep rooted turmoil lurking in our bodies.


Following the willowing spindles of sorrow, the dense gravity of fear, the sawtooth edges of anxiety, we learn them, measure their weight in cupped hands, tracing their fault lines and sensing their brittle junctions. My work carries the gravity of emotional weight, acknowledging the physical limits and impermanence of the thing that haunts us.  


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